Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vapour Trail

How cool is this vapour trail?! Unfortunately I missed the plane making it. Enjoy.......

And also photographic evidence that you do get blue skies in the Far North of Scotland!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have a desire at the moment to make stuff. There is even a small desire to draw, which I haven't had in ages!

However, the current thing taking my fancy is jewellery. In fact, i've fancied jewellery making since I started peering at the beads in the craft shop. I've bought a couple of books, but they are aimed more at metalwork, which would be great to do but seems to involve massive amounts of tools! I bought a couple of bead work magazines which the projects involve little more than a couple of pairs of pliers and some wire cutters so I think I can stretch to that. They also have space at the craft shop on a jewellery making class. It's on Thursdays so I have to decide whether to do card-making and jewellery making, or just the jewellery making. Think I will do both for a while.

I also really want to be card making and scrap booking, so when the in-laws go home I'm planning on spending some of my free time, at least once a week, on making cards and having a play at the scrap booking. I think I may try and sell a couple of cards on ebay and see how that goes.

It's quite strange, it's like there is a goal - I feel as if i'm looking forward to something but i'm not sure what - like something's about to happen. I can see time in my days to be making cards and jewellery and I can see designs, especially for the cards, forming in my head all the time! It's great and of course I will show anything i['m up to on here.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Feeling intelligent

Feeling rather pleased with myself at the moment. Passed the TMA for book 4 (chemistry) of the OU course with 97% and just completed my latest iCMA with a mark of 100% and all correct on the first go (you get three trys).

Current book is on biology which i'm also really enjoying but finding it hard to get on top of time wise as we have several activities that we needed to put on the forum which we've only just had instructions regarding, so i've had to back track a bit. But I will have a bit more time to myself soon when the in-laws go home and will be able to catch up.

Have spent a large amount of time deciding what to do next and can't decide between social science, life sciences / health sciences or possibly environment or even computers! Arghh decisions decisions. Think I will probably do a 30 point course in September and a few 10-point 'taster' courses in a range of subjects to get a better idea.

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