Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cards, OU and moving house

As per usual there's loads going on here at the moment. The most exciting is probably that our house is up for sale. We've found a house we really like, but we need to sell ours before the owner will accept an offer on it. So, fingers crossed we can sell ours sooner rather than later.

I am currently working on my End of Course Assignment (ECA) for my OU course, which is fairly complicated and requires a lot of though. It needs to be posted off by the end of next week. I've registered for two level 1 courses, 'Introduction to Health Sciences' and 'Understanding Cancers'. I'm hoping to do 'Practising Science' in the the summer and may do another 10-point course after Chrsitmas, when I will hopefully have some more money! That will either be 'Human Genetics and Health Issues', 'Understanding Human Nutrition', or 'Challenging Obesity'. My course materials have arrived for Intro to Health Sciences so it's hard at the moment to finish my ECA instead of delving into the new coursework.

I have had to miss a couple of card making classes due to me now doing late shifts at work, but have managed to find time to make some at home. Here are two i've done, the first for Aunty Kate, and the second for Grandma. Both were done using stickers, so were cheating a bit, but I was pretty chuffed with them both!

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