Saturday, November 03, 2007


Weather - changeable (it pissed down really hard when the sun wasn't shining)

Today I spent the morning cleaning out the animals. After walking the dogs, I cleaned out the bunnies, then cleaned out all three rat cages whilst letting them out and spending at leat 15 minutes with each group. I had lunch about 3.30 (scrambled egg on toast) when i'd finished.

I am proud of myself today though - I built a chair this evening. No, not a wooden one - an office chair, flatpacked from Argos. And it works and hasn't fallen apart yet.......

I also watched the film 'Titanic' today. I got a DVD out of co-op for £7 that has 'Titanic', 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'The Beach' on it. As I really like both Titanic and Romeo and Juliet I thought it was a bargain. Anyway - Titanic still makes me cry, not quite as much as the first time I saw it (I think I cried solidly for about an hour that time) but I still blubbed at the end. I am a wuss when it comes to films but I don't care! It's the thought of all those people that died and just so needlessly. I find it's the kind of film I get really into and I think it shows what a human tragedy the disaster was.

It's stopped raning now - i've just been out to let the dogs out for a late-night pee and it's lovely out. Pitch black sky with a tiny sprinkling of stars and no noise except for the wind in the trees, a few geese and the distant murmur of a car on the road to John O' Groats. Even though it's cold and I don't stay out for long, it's a great time of day to just be still and just concentrate on being alive!

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