Friday, September 04, 2009

The Scottish Bead Fair

Well I got as far as the Bead Fair on Sunday in Perth and had a really good afternoon. It was a long way to go and I managed to get there late so missed one of the demonstrations I wanted to see, then was so busy shopping that I missed the second one! I could have spent a fortune particularly on some really beautiful glass focal beads, but I resisted and restricted myself to a £30 cash budget and got a nice selection of smaller beads, both for using with knots and cords and with wire.

I also picked up some cards and leaflets and discovered one of the companies is coming to a local glass studio to teach next year so i will definitely be getting involved in that!

It was a very busy day, I was amazed at the queue to get in but it was worth it and next time I will get organised and actually get to the demonstrations. It was very easy to get to and I had a nice wander round perth as well. It's a nice town, with a real variation of architecture, from the very old....

to the very new.....

(The Concert Hall where the Bead fair was held.)

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Blogger Jennifer Rose said...

love those blue and silver beads :D
Perth can be a nice place to spend a day wandering when its nice out, gets pretty cold tho when its windy.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I actually have something in mind for those. maybe tomorrow....

2:21 PM  

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