Saturday, October 03, 2009


We moved into our current house in January this year and it's a bit of a 'project' as it needs quite a bit of updating and cosmetic work. We are slowly working our way through it and are currently decorating our spare bedroom which will then become our main bedroom. We have now finished the decorating, we just need to get the carpet in before the new furniture arrives a week Tuesday. I thought I would share some pics:

Before: This wasn't actually what it looked like, this was after we peeled off the many layers og wallpaper and paint to find bright blue glossed walls!!

Intermediate: First we sanded and painted the woodwork then did a basecoat of pale cream all over to hide the blue!

And after: 2 walls papered and 2 painted. We're really pleased with it.

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Blogger Jennifer Rose said...

i hate when people just put new wallpaper over the old. pain to get off :/

we had that same pink colour on the walls here. plus an awful lilac. instead of moving the furniture, they just painted around it and over the wallpaper :/

your decorating looks nice. simple wallpaper that goes well with lots of things

3:34 AM  

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