Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wedding Invites

Yes, i'm back again, after 6 months of not adding anything to the blog!! So what's been going on? well, loads actually......

I got my results for my Open University course, Discovering Science, so have also got myself a Certificate in Natural Sciences. I've finished Understanding Cancers, should get results in June I think. I'm more than halfway through my other course Introducing Health Sciences and am doing pretty well with it so far.

I'm getting married in June so am in the middle of organising all that. We moved house back in January.

I have recently changed the title of the blog and will use it to showcase my craft work. I have plans to begin selling some cards this year, so will use the blog to keep everyone informed of what's happening. I haven't been making a lot of cards as I don't have a lot of space here to spread my stuff about but I have a lot of plans for my art and card making. I have also subscribed to a new jewellery magazine that's very good, so there will be jewellery soon as well.

I just looked back at my resolutions for the beginning of 2008 and have to admit to failing dismally with all of them, so 2009 has the same ones! The dog grooming one failed to the point they have recently been to a professional groomer and look absoloutely beautiful. I am getting a bit better at getting up on the mornings though, and just love the feeling of looking back at the day and feeling i've achieved something.

Anyway, the current crafty project is my wedding invites. They are cards with a pocket to hold the evening invite, menu and RSVP card. The photograph is just the one I made to make sure it all worked correctly, so its not printed. Today I have cut out the card I need so I can get started putting them together at the weekend. Here is the sample:

Invite all tied up

Showing the pockets containing the inserts

And showing the individual inserts.

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