Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Budget begins...

Not sure if going shopping in the New Look sale was good for it though! But I did get a cardigan, pair of jeans and a top for £16! I bought a new mobile yesterday too. A Sony Erricson Walkman phone - was £80 in the Tesco sale. My Christmas money is paying for that though.

I thought of two new resolutions:

Groom my dogs more often: I have two Springer Spaniels which have long hair and like to swim in the sea and crash about in the undergrowth and generally get filthy. I gave them both a brush on Tuesday and ended up having to trim Jerry's ears - they looked such a mess after i'd cut all the knots out. I am ashamed of myself.

Get to work on time: I start work at 7am and live 5 minutes away. I also hate getting out of bed - I am bad! I have been bad lately for getting to work either bang on 7 or a minute or two after and I just really feel that I should make the effort to get their a little bit early. I used to manage it, i've just got lazy recently.

I've already broke the second one - got to work at 7:02am this morning. Must try harder!

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