Saturday, July 04, 2009

An early morning beach walk.

This morning I got up ridiculously early so my husband could drop me off at the pub to pick up my car on his way to work, so I decided to take the dogs for a trip to the beach. We got there about 6am and left about half 7 and didn't see anyone until we left the beach!

It was a bit misty when we arrived

But Jerry still wanted to play in the sea
Leave nothing but footprints......
.... is a hole or two ok?
We found a bit of shipwreck
And Jerry did his bit for the Earth and recycled someone's rubbish as a dog toy
Resting after climbing up the dunes
Even I took my boots off for a paddle!
And whenever I stopped, Jerry tried to dig around my feet. Ouch!
Tom thought if he went out far enough he might get those seagulls
And by the time we left, the fog had started to clear a bit
There's something very special about splashing through the shallows of the sea on a deserted beach accompanied only by the dogs. If you ever get a chance, give it a go.

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