Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A work in progress

The weather here has been absoloutely fantastic today so I put my shorts on for the first time since we moved here nearly three years ago, and sat in the sun. Of course I couldn't just sit there so I took my cords and beads with me and got started on a Knotted Necklace.

This Necklace uses one of my favourite sort of knots, one that is so simple to make, yet creates such a fantastic effect. The knot is called a macrame knot and half of the knot tied over and over makes a lovely twist effect. This is one of the reasons I love knotted Jewellery, it is peaceful and easy to make (well sometimes its not, but normally!) but so pretty to look at.

Its not finished yet, it will have a pendant added to it, between the beads, but it's getting there.

The knot creates such a lovely effect I am already planning a bracelet I can make, just using the knot and maybe a couple of beads.

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