Monday, July 06, 2009

Pan Chang knot

I was practising a new Chinese knot today called a Pan Chang knot:

A Pan Chang knot represents birth and death due to its endless pattern and indicates that life can exist forever. It is also known as the Mystic Knot, representing the mysteries of the Universe. The Chinese word for the knot shares the same sound as the word for happiness so this knot also represents happiness without end. It is thought to bring great good fortune to the wearer and beholder.

It was quite a complicated knot to tie and had to be pinned to a corkboard during its formation to get the shape and overs and unders of the cord correct. It can be tied using one cord or two, though it is easier to use two different colours when practising to help with tightening it, hence the gold and red cord. This knot was tied using 1mm silk cord and i'm not sure what to do with it yet. Its not very big, I think a Pan Chang knot tied with 2mm cord would make more of a statement, though I will definitely do something with this one. I will of course put it on the blog when I have.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, I was just trying to find some good instructions on how to make pan chang knots and came across your blog. Did you learn this from a book? My husband and I own a house in the highlands, but we are living in Singapore for a while. I thought Aberlour was isolated. That's nothing compared to Wick! Take care, Susan

2:12 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hi Susan. Yes, I learnt from a book. I have posted a book review now on the blog: book review Hope that helps a bit.
Laura x

11:01 AM  

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