Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bracelet prototype

I was inspired by an idea after looking at my Chinese knot book to create a criss-cross knotted bracelet with rocailles (large seed beads) between the knots. I sat down this afternoon with a length of leather cord and a pile of blue translucent seed beads and made one. However, it turned out the cord wasn't long enough, so I only made half of one! It also turned out quite wide, so i'm not sure if it classes as a cuff or not. It was, however, very pretty so I will definitely be making a couple more to go in the Northern Dawn shop.

Tomorrow, I am working from 11am to 8pm, so will not have a lot of time for Northern Dawn work. I will add some photographs of my bracelet prototype though. I also have written myself a shopping list, which I may get on and purchase tomorrow and I will also get started on reading the Etsy Seller Handbook, which I discovered after reading about it on the Laura Baillie Designs blog. If I have time I may also start on my blogroll on the blog too.

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