Saturday, July 25, 2009


I have been at my 'day job' all day today so haven't had any time to do anything even remotely creative. I have found my sellers to feature on this week's Etsy favourites, but I will add them to the blog tomorrow.

Today I risked Argos on the day of the New Catalogue and bought myself a plastic tower with draws storage thingy. I have spent this evening filling it with art, card making and jewellery making stuff. I have loads of stuff, particularly for the card making. I went through a mad phase of buying paper so I managed to fill a whole draw just with paper! That doesn't include the vast quantities of pre-made card blanks and envelopes. I will definitely have to dedicate some time to make a whole load of one off cards for whichever occasion the paper & embelishments suggest!

I know have all my beads neatly in a draw, with the findings all in one tub, rather than it all muddled together in vast numbers of envelopes.

I am off to bed now and I will see you tomorrow with a seasonal British Summertime themed Etsy Favourites.

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