Monday, February 04, 2008

Not enough hours in the day

Oh my god, my life is manic! I do like being busy but at the moment it is a little too busy. I went ahead and signed up for an Open University course, S104: Exploring Science. It's only just started, the first book is on Global warming which is reasonably interesting but I was nearly floored at the first hurdle by Maths. I had to buy a Scientific calculator which was fine until I had to use it. I was there working out the mean average of a list of temperatures and it kept giving me the answers in fractions! Arrrgh. Eventually, after reading the instructions about 5 times and pressing all the buttons I found one that changed fractions to decimal places so that's ok now. I have also had to re-learn 'significant figures', 'units with prefixes' and 'numbers to the power of 10'. I haven't done any of this since GCSE's which I did the exams for 10 years ago this Summer. And realising that made me feel ancient as well. Oh, woe is me, lol.

I also have been working all day 3 out of 5 days at work for the last few weeks when my standard hours are only 2 out of 5. I could say no to the extras but I know what will happen - I'll say no, then when I do need the money they won't give me any extras. Normally this would be ok, but the pet portraits have gone mental and I am now booked up till the end of March which is unheard of for me in January.

All of this plus card-making, shopping, eating, cooking, dog walking, playing with & cleaning out rats and sleeping are keeping me very busy. When I'm very busy I write lists. I love lists. Well, actually, I love crossing items off of lists. I find I feel less panicky about getting everything done if I write a list then cross off what i've done - I then feel like I'm getting somewhere. I've not got to the writing lists stage yet though, so I'm still just about in control.

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