Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Especially to those lucky people who have a long weekend off work! I'm not that lucky, but never mind.

I've been fairly tired most of the time over the last two weeks, i've just been doing so many extra hours at work - my pay packet should be nice though.

I made the decision to stop taking commissions and am really pleased, have already had one person email me about one though - why can't people read? I feel like it's a weight off my mind and am really looking forward to not having any more to do - i've got four to finish at the moment.

I am feeling good about mu OU course too. I got 88% in my first TMA and did a second iCMA two nights ago and got all the questions right, only one took two go's, so that is so much better than my first iCMA score of 43%! I'm also on track with the studying too and actually looking forward to starting book 3 - which is a physics subject and i'm not good at physics. I've been spending hours on the OU website deciding what to do next and still don't know.....

I have also been making Easter cards using the iris folding technique. Will take some photos and put them up soon.

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